Liquid DnB Jazzy Songstarters (Vol. 1) - KULTURE
Liquid DnB Jazzy Songstarters (Vol. 1) - KULTURE


Liquid DnB Jazzy Songstarters (Vol. 1)

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The ultimate pack to bring the Jazzy style to your Liquid DnB production, with Melodies, MIDI, & song starters to crush writer's block.

It can be tough to start a new song or write an intro/melody to fit your concept.  With this pack, we guarantee instant inspiration with ready-to-use files to start an industry-standard Liquid track quicker than ever.


  • 323 Files / 1.08 GB
  • 40 Songstarters (+ 40 Songstarter MIDI)
  • 80 Total MIDI FIles
  • Each Songstarter has 4 stemmed melody layers

Listen to the sounds


100% Guaranteed to speed up your workflow


We know how hard it can be to get the ball rolling with a brand new track or idea. That's why we've crafted unique songstarters to match the classic Jazzy styles of Liquid DnB. Each song starter contains 4 layers stemmed out: Melody, Chords, Bass, and Atmosphere making it easy to create unique intros and melodies.


Hear something from our song-starters that sparked an idea but want it with a different sound? We got you covered by exporting every MIDI our producers wrote for their respective song-starter so you can quickly throw your unique twist on them whether it be writing a melody based off of the original MIDI or using your own unique sounds.

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