After the overwhelming success of Avant Drum & Bass 01. The team behind Avant presents KULTURE.

An entire storefront dedicated to providing the most sought after sounds and samples in Drum & Bass.

Engineered by the best DnB producers in the scene to give you the tools you actually need to level up your production better than ever before.


what we stand for


Providing a place for DnB producers, to share their music, grow their network, and evolve as a producer. Our community is the only reason we can stay in business and we're committed to making sure we help every producer as much as possible in any way we can.


Our packs are hand-crafted and carefully curated to give you the tools you actually need to level up your production. Our standard for quality is unmatched and we promise to deliver the best tools available to Drum & Bass producers.


When we saw the prices our competitors charged for tiny packs we knew we had to be better. We want to make sure when you spend your hard earned money on our packs you feel that you're getting every penny's worth. That's why we make sure our packs are SLAMMED with as many tools as possible.

helping out

Making a living as a producer in the industry can be incredibly tough. Thankfully because of our amazing community we're able to bring sustainable income to more and more producers as we expand the Kulture team. When you shop at Kulture your supporting our mission to continue to bring jobs to producers.

"we 100% guarantee our samples, presets, and tools will level up your production and spark inspiration"